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Awesome Features

Advanced Design

Easy Control

Amazing Variety

Made in the USA

Incredible Value

GENESIS does more than systems costing $10,000



Audio Channels

The most musical entertainment device for your home.

Up to 192khz

24bit masters

LED RGB Lights Included

GENESIS includes 100 lights standard, and more are on the way.

Enough power to control thousands.

Extra sets of 100 lights will be available for larger trees, multiple trees, or large decorating projects.

Expandability is our hallmark.

Light Shows in 2015

Seven professional show discs will be released in 2015

Dozens in 2016 and beyond:


If you want to use your own music, we include a streaming show function. The choice is always yours

More About Us

GENESIS is amazing

The most powerful integrated musical Light Show on the market.

Never obsolete, never second best.

Upgradeable software, upgradeable hardware, and repairable.


Patents Pending


Control with the included Smart Phone app (IOS, Andriod, Windows Phone). Select the show you want to play, or create a playlist and hit "Play".

Standard remote also included.

Hundreds of professional shows to choose from in all genres.

Thousands of shows available in the coming years.

Always something new.

GENESIS will also use the music you already own and create an on the fly show for you.

Proudly made in the USA and certified by third party auditors to ensure a truly American product.

100% American support

5 year Warranty





Testimonials from Live Demos

We keep good company...

Some of our Partners, Music Licensors, and Friends

* Note: Almost every music label has been acquired by larger publishers over the years.

We list them here as a reference: The songs we license were originally signed to these labels.

The music labels listed are the property of their respective parent companies.

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