Light Magic, Inc.


Special offer


$100 Off as we setup the first manufacturing line

and free show discs for friends you refer


The retail price for the GENESIS Advanced Lighting System is $350, and it is worth every penny.

For a limited time, Light Magic is offering $100 off instantly along with the opportunity to earn free show discs.


We are excited to roll out this great product and want to reward our first customers with a great deal.  We also realize there is a waiting period while the GENESIS is in production.

So, it only seems fair. Those who wait the longest get the very best deal.


This offer is ONLY good until we take enough orders to start production.

The moment production starts, the offer is over, the coupons will expire and we will never offer this level of discount ever again.

The $100 people are wave 1


What happens if you wait?

Once this special deal expires, the price increases to $300

The $100 coupon will be gone, and a new $50 coupon

for people waiting for the second batch will exist)

The $50 people are wave 2


Once we have delivered all the wave 1 and wave 2 preordered GENESIS systems, the price is $350.


We will not offer sales, coupons or discounts to new customers from that time on.

(keep reading, I have an extra just for you)


Why wait to pay more, and not receive show discs for free?

PLUS we cannot possibly make enough to meet demand at the end of the year.

GENESIS will be the "must have" item for Christmas.

We will sell out of GENESIS Light Systems once they are generally available.

We may sell all our production 2015 inventory in wave 2.

There may not be any general availability this year.

The only way to secure one is to preorder it right now.


Your credit card will not be charged at this time, but entering it guaranties you get GENESIS at the best price, and with guarantied delivery for the 2015 holidays.


When enough preorders are collected we will send out a notification via email that your card is going to be charged.

The email will detail on what day, and at what time so there are no surprises.



When production starts and your credit card is charged,



P.S. I also said "new customers wouldn't get discounts" once wave 1 and wave 2 are over. That's correct. We have a special club that will be introduced next year that among other things gives a discount to members everyday. IF you are in Wave 1 or Wave 2, I'll put you in the pilot program of this club for free (2015 and 2016). This places you in our computer as a Light Magic Insider, and you'll receive 20% off everything, everyday during that time. You'll also receive our print magazine once it launches (second quarter 2016). That's an extra just for being part of the Light Magic family.



Free show disc program details ($40 value each)

Each 20 people who sign up for the GENESIS newsletter gets you one show disc of your choice.

(Using the share function when you signed up for the newsletter)


Each person who buys a GENESIS using your referral code also gets you a free show disc.

This code is displayed when you preorder your GENESIS.

(Yes they stack, refer them with the newsletter plus your sell code and you get credit for both).


Your credits for performance discs never expire, and can be used on any album release.

This is our thanks to you for helping getting the word out.


Light Magic will keep all your free disc credits inside your account on our computer.

No coupons to lose, no hassles.

We will even pay the shipping if you choose to use them at a later date.


The fine print

"What's the catch? If these are worth $40 each, I can earn a bunch of them".

Yes, there is one.

1. All the referrals are verified. Fake sign ups don't count.

2. You receive the show discs credits with your purchase of the GENESIS.


Why is that? Can't I just get the discs without buying a GENESIS?

No, and here's why: It is very costly to produce the show discs.

We pay the music artists royalties on every song and on every disc we ship.

It is very expensive.


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