Light Magic, Inc.


How often do you get a chance to invest in the future?


I've heard it so many times over the years:

"Why didn't I invest in Microsoft... Google... Intel... Coke... Disney... etc..."

"I could have retired!!!!"


Light Magic has a very unique opportunity for you and we're putting it right in your lap.

You wouldn't be here unless you've seen GENESIS and know it's incredible potential.

We at Light Magic know how far it can go:

We know how large the market is world wide, we know almost everything about our competitors (and their products), and we know what's coming next.

To succeed in the business world, you need an advantage: we have that in spades.

The best way to win in an industry, is to invent a new industry where there are no competitors, high demand, and patent protection.

That's exactly what we've done, are doing, and will continue to do.

We have dozens of products in development, and will enter production after GENESIS.

After all, GENESIS means: The Beginning


Can anyone invest?

Yes. For the first time ever, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has passed rules to allow anyone to invest in new startup companies. We actually waited two years patiently so anyone could partake in this opportunity because we want normal people to profit from us.


Doesn't it cost a lot to invest?

Not with us. We know regular people don't have a lot of money to casually invest.

We also know that companies that are runaway successes make a huge difference in small investors lives (if they have stock). Light Magic is allowing investments as low as $100 to be made in Light Magic. This puts us within reach of anyone.


How do I get more information?

Very simple: Sign up with the form to the right. This will put you on our list just for potential investors. You won't be put on any sales lists, and no annoying phone calls.

You will be informed when we complete our filings with the SEC, when the SEC approves sales of Light Magic shares, and then you'll receive a detailed packet of our offering. Once you review our information, you will have the opportunity to visit a licensed stock brokerage online and easily purchase shares.


Is there anything else special about this?

Yes. This is a series AA offering, which means it's pre IPO (Initial Public Offering).

In layman's terms, this is when rich investors go after promising companies: Before they are listed on a stock exchange. We have deliberately structured this so normal people can participate.


Why is Light Magic doing this?

With the capital we raise by selling stock, we can expand faster. For us that means bring more products to market, being able to build more units to sell, speeding our IPO on a stock exchange, and creating more quality jobs here in the USA. All these things rapidly accelerate success for everyone.


No company can promise success. It's Illegal.

We believe in GENESIS and the products that will follow it.

If you agree that this is a different, unique, and special product:

Join us by investing!!!

There is no obligation, sign up and judge for yourself.

-Matthew Bevington

CEO/Founder Light Magic Inc.

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