Light Magic, Inc.




16 million colors

100 lights per strand

400 indoor lights supported

Option to upgrade

USA manufacturing plans for light strands are currently underway

Genesis Outdoors

Coming soon, designs in process...

Expansion to control outside lights

Simultaneous inside/outside shows

All discs will contain indoor and outdoor shows

Easy automatic customization

LED RGB Lights & so Much More

The most advanced


The Best Lights


Something Americans have waited decades for

16,000,000 Colors

GENESIS Advanced Lighting System displays 16 million colors

Fast response allows incredible shows

See music literally come to life in an exciting display of color


Our lights are build to last

No bulbs to change, no unlit lights

Designed to last for years and years

Each Light Programmed by Hand

GENESIS shows are professionally programmed, by hand

No algorithms, no shortcuts

Outdoor shows (currently  in process)  will sync to indoor shows

While others take the cheaper route, we choose to do it right


GENESIS has over a dozen secret expansions coming

Things that have never been seen before

The first step is to buy a GENESIS,

You'll be amazed by what comes next.

Immense Light Densities

100 Lights is standard (and leads the industry)

GENESIS allows you to add more lights for larger trees or rooms

Multiple strand capability allows for flexible lighting options

GENESIS has the power for thousands of lights outdoors

As big or as small as you want = GENESIS does it all

Coming in 2016: 100% USA Made Lights

America invented holiday lights, but the in 1960's they were all outsourced overseas.  Light Magic is the only company building new equipment to bring holiday light manufacturing back to the USA. Everyone who buys a GENESIS can upgrade to American lights (in 2016) for a very nominal cost.

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