Light Magic, Inc.




256 channels of sound

Up to 192 Khz

24 bit masters

Top artists and music labels

Expanding library of shows

Genesis Sound Processing

Fiber Optic and RCA outputs

High quality internal speakers

Over a dozen on-board DSP's

Three high speed CPU's

Auto updates and system support

The most musical

Light Show System

Without sound, it'd just be lights...


The secret is the sound

GENESIS is the only Light Show with real integrated (and high quality) sound


Smart Phones have 32 channels of sound (a few have 64)

Professional PC sound cards have 128 channels of sound

GENESIS has 256 channels of sound


Whatever speakers or stereo you have, GENESIS will use it

Fiber Optic for lossless audio

RCA outputs for ease of use

Super Processing

Over a dozen independent DSP's for incredible precision

Three independant CPU's for extreme processing


More Artists and Labels

With dozens of music labels, GENESIS has shows you'll love

Famous artists from every decade

Every genre: Pop, Rock, Country, Classical, Jazz, everything

 Real Licensed Music

No knockoffs with Light Magic

The only fully integrated home light show with licensed music

We pay the artists for music rights, no worries for you

More of Everything...

We are always adding more songs, more albums, and more fun

Every year will bring dozens of new show discs

Each contains 15 songs, and they will always work with everything we make

Light Magic's Affiliations:

Here are some of our Partners, Music Licensors, and Friends.

* Note: Almost every music label has been acquired by larger publishers over the years.

We list them here as a reference: The songs we license were originally signed to these labels.

The music labels listed are the property of their respective parent companies.

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