Light Magic, Inc.


You didn't think it would be that easy now, did you?

At Light Magic we have lots of things hidden in our hat.

Secret inventions, secret software, secret designs...

We want to share the magic with you... and we will.


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And yes, some of our hidden secrets that people across the world have been asking for.


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Why so secret?

Simple: Everyone wants it.


Businesses across the USA have called and asked...

"What are you doing?"

"How are you doing it?"


Multiple foreign entities have already tried to steal from our servers.

(We know who you are)


The simple truth is; a lot of people out there want to make money of of other people's ideas.  It's a war of ideas, and we must protect ours.


So, for now, the cards remain up our sleeves, but we can share a very interesting factoid:


In two years of development, Light Magic has more patents ready to go then one of the top S&P 100 companies did in their first 10 years of business (and that's with a huge staff and millions in funding).


We aren't kidding when we say:

 "We have lots of things hidden in our hat"

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