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The GENESIS Future

Software that auto updates

Hardware that can be upgraded

Hardware upgrades are affordable

Factory Repairable

New versions of shows are free

The Genesis Expansions

GENESIS Outdoors

Complete USA production

Dozens of other expansions (secret)

Never obsolete

The only system that upgrades

"The future's so bright... I gotta wear shades" - Timbuk 3

The Future

The future was never so bright

You never throw away a GENESIS

It will always have value

Upgrade to state of the art for a low price whenever a new version is available

Auto Updating Software

We will release a  major update twice a year for GENESIS

Updates include new versions of existing shows for free

Each update includes new system features and effects

GENESIS app major updates also twice a year


GENESIS Outdoors

This expansion will allow you to run shows outside


Support for thousands of lights

All shows from inside work outside, no extra charge

Customized for your home via the GENESIS app (awesome)

Upgradeable Hardware

Someday when GENESIS mk2 comes out, you can upgrade

Upgrades are vastly less expensive than a new unit

Everything is always backwards compatible

GENESIS is never obsolete

More USA Production

Light Magic committed to a 100% USA made GENESIS (3 years)

Light Magic is constructing new machinery for USA production

Many parts to be made in the USA for the first time in decades

Factory Repairable

Never throw away = We actually fix our product

Service and Repair is 100% USA based

Your warranty is all digital. No receipts to keep, no hassles

Top Secret Expansions

GENESIS always has a tomorrow

The revolution never ends

Over a dozen expansions already in engineering


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